St. Mary of Redford
Religious Education

Religious Education Goals

St. Mary of Redford youth formation program seeks to aid our young parishioners in the development of their life as devout Catholics.

Formation that is expressed through a variety of educational and experiential settings provides the opportunities for them to grow in their knowledge, understanding and expression of their faith as members of our parish community.

With catechetical structures designed for the different levels of youth development, the children and teenagers of St. Mary of Redford will be prepared for the reception of the sacraments and participation in the ministerial and liturgical life of the church throughout their lives.

Preschool & Kindergarten

To help young students better understand their faith and the mass through youthful focus and activities. Improve students awareness of Jesus and God's love for us all.

First Penance & First Communion

Preparation and understanding of their Catholic faith process. Knowledge of all the sacraments with a focus on preparation for Penance and Communion. Understanding the meaning of God's love and how it can affect their lives.

Learning the main prayers of the Catholic faith and the Ten Commandments. Increasing their awareness and understanding of the parts of the mass and Scriptures.

4th and 5th Graders

To continue to enhance their Catholic faith knowledge through prayer, discussion, and related class activities. To encourage attendance at mass together as a group and with their family.

Improve understanding of the parts of the mass, celebration of holy days and the Scriptures. To become more involved in their Catholic faith process.

Confirmation Preparation

As our young children enter their teenage years, they will need adequate preparation to deal with the challenges they will face as they mature.

Building on the foundation of their formation here at St. Mary of Redford the confirmation preparation facilitates their growth in knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Scriptures, Tradition and Liturgical expression of the Catholic faith.

They will also explore the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the meaning of Christian virtue so they will be ready to receive the sacrament that will help them grow as witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Religious Education Staff

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