Music Ministry

Music plays an important part in the parish life of St. Mary of Redford. From spirited song in worship to the sound of the carillon drifting over the neighborhood, music is always present in the life of the parish. There are many opportunities to participate in the music ministry at St. Mary of Redford.

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The Adult Choir

The principle choir of the parish provides music at the 11:00 Sunday liturgy three times a month from early September through the Feast of Corpus Christi in June. Reflecting the diversity of our parish, the repertoire of the choir is an eclectic mix of classical and modern, traditional and gospel.

The choir is proficient in performing music in four of more parts and enjoys the challenge of preparing and performing music of substance and beauty in the context of the sacred liturgy. Rehearsal is on Sunday mornings preceding Mass.

The Children's Choir

Children of the parish enrolled in the Sunday religious education program comprise the children's choir, which sings at the fourth Sunday of the month from early September through early June. The children also present a concert of Christmas music prior to the Christmas Eve Mass.

The children are under the direction of Annette Wright. Rehearsal is on Sunday before Mass on the day they are scheduled to sing, and at other times when necessary.

The Summer Choir

During the summer months, from early June to Labor Day, music at the 11:00 Sunday liturgy is provided by an informal group called the Summer Choir, comprised of members of the adult and children's choirs and any others who wish to participate.

The music is simpler than that performed during the regular choir season, and a brief rehearsal immediately precedes Mass.

Cantors / Song Leaders

Cantors and Song Leaders lead the congregation in song at specific moments in the Sunday liturgy. Several individuals have assumed this role, and there is always an opportunity for others who may be interested in this ministry.

The Pipe Organ

The principle instrument that accompanies the choir and congregation at liturgies is our pipe organ. The organ also provides solo music in the context of the liturgy as well as at recitals and concerts. The original organ was built by the Welte Company of New York when the church building was completed.

In 1962, the organ was completely rebuilt by Casavant Freres of St. Hyacynthe, Canada. In 1993, a fourth manual division and second organ console were added at the front of the sanctuary. In recent years, a trompette en chamade stop and pedal contrebombarde stop have been added, for a total of 57 ranks of pipes.


Handbells are occasionally used at liturgy and are played by members of the choir and others interested in participating. The parish possesses a set of handbells spanning three octaves.

The Carillon

In 2002, after several years of planing and fund raising, a carillon of 51 bells was installed in the church bell tower. The bells were cast by the Paccard Fonderie de Cloches in Annecy, France. Three of the larger bells also swing, and are rung as a call to worship on Sunday morning. In the fall of 2003, Patrick Macoska built a practice keyboard which is located in the second floor of the tower.

The Carillon is featured in a Summer recital series every July, with performers from around the world playing recitals each Saturday during the month of July. Our Carillon was the first to be installed in a Catholic church in the Midwest.

Contact / More Information

Music ministry at St. Mary of Redford is under the direction of Annette Wright. If you are interested in joining a choir, participating in music at St. Mary of Redford or have any questions regarding our music program, you are invited to contact Annette Wright through the parish office at (313) 273-1100 or at