Christian Service Commission

Christian Service exists as a model of social teaching to enable the parish of St. Mary of Redford to fulfill the mission of responding to the needs of people in he parish and the community.

Christian Service volunteers are involved in the following charitable endeavors:

Card Ministry for those who have lost loves ones, or those who are ill.

Fellowship after mass and other events at St. Mary of Redford parish.

To support St. Vincent de Paul through charitable fundraisers to support the community at large.

To support the NCOA (Non-Commissioned Officers Association), through the Veteran's Administration, by collecting usable toiletry items, and making cards to recognize their wellbeing, and dedication of serving our country.

To support the Religious Education program of St. Mary of Redford parish.

To support the network of communication to the parish members and the Alumni of St. Mary of Redford Parish. This is done through our web site, which is supported by Christian Service.

To support the infants in our Catholic Community through WEE CARE, by servicing the needy through new donated items of baby clothing.

To support the children of our Catholic Community through our "Giving Tree" at Christmas. We provide mittens and hats and scarves to needy children. We are also disbursing new blankets for our homeless shelters in Detroit.

Christian Service gave support to the Neighborhood Service Organization, creating an opportunity through parish participation to outfit an entire apartment for the homeless in a Neighborhood Service Apartment in Northwest Detroit.